Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stock Market, Shock Market

I am not a Dow fan.  Although, I was startled to hear about the Mt. Everest-sized tumble it took recently.  I, personally, think we should go back to the barter system.  None of the three jobs I have would help me with that.  I mean, I am great at supporting you if you have a child in critical condition or if you need help finding some linen trousers.  Neither of those skills is going to help me down at the market when it's time for trading.

I've decided I need to develop a consumable product.  I was actually purchasing toilet paper when I thought of this, but nevertheless, I'm thinking more along the lines of food products.  I'm not into the farming thing, so no piggies, cows, chicks, or other fowl for me.  I think I need to create a niche in baking.  Baked goods last longer, so if I can't get to said market for a day or so, it's not like a tequila marinated London broil.  That bad boy won't be a hot commodity on day 2.  I do have friends who are good at all sorts of things though and one of them is superior at tasty meat.

So, I propose we go back to the public market.  We all assemble and choose our food group.  Yes, we start with food.  Then, we'll work our way to household items.  We can set daily hours and that way there is a large variety of items available regularly.  It would go something like

Me:  I have two dozen Massive Minty Mocha Munchies ( the BEST mint chocolate cookies you've ever put in your mouth)

Julie M:  I have  6 large lump crab cakes

Ricky S: Tasty Meat, get yer tasty meat

Sam M:  Spicy sides, take some Pepcid now!

Brandy C:  Goat milk!

Laura G:  I can offer organic corn, peas and string beans.....

You get the idea.  Who's with me?

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