Saturday, August 6, 2011

What IS Enough?

All relationships are hard.  Friendships can be rocky.  We all fight with our parents.  God knows romance/marriage is the stuff of war.  It ain't called sibling rivalry for nothin'.  Co-workers  can brainstorm one minute and back stab the next.  And, our bosses... we want to give them enough respect and leeway to give positive feedback but also not allow ourselves to be whipping posts. 

Where is the middle ground in any of those?  Of course we find it some days.  If we found it more often, Jerry Springer wouldn't be a household name nor would we immediately know what his name implies.  

One of my favorite sayings, much to many people's chagrin, is "Love is not enough".  I, myself, can fully admit to times when I've not loved enough to overcome obstacles in a relationship.  The more difficult part of a relationship is looking in the mirror and seeing what's really there.  Are we willing to do more than say "I love you" to fix a problem?  Sometimes, it's not even a problem.  It's a dynamic or  maybe it's a timing issue. 

Whatever the reasoning, whatever the issues,  do something to figure it out.  The whole in-between time sucks.  Make people laugh.  Do something nice.  Give a snuggle.  Write a note on a banana.  Sell raffle tickets.  Let the people you love know you love them in ways that are meaningful to them and do it often.  I'm smelling my lunch for tomorrow right now.  Kelly's cooking just so I can have something to take for my 12 hour shift.  That is enough for tonight. 

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