Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, New Goals, New Me

Woohoo! The black hole of misery that was 2016 is over!

Although I could easily say that the past 16 years have been hell, I won't. Olivia's life brought many stresses and heartache. It also brought immeasurable joy. The past 10 years have been purgatory, bordering on hell. I lost my mother. I lost Olivia. I lost a husband. I've moved twice in a year. The past two years have been the true hell.

I have survived in a fog. I've gone about life without feeling engaged. Other than parenting Emory, I have not felt in any sort of control. Please do not misunderstand me. Parenting a preschooler is far from controlled!

Due to many issues, more unavoidable change will be coming in the near future. To try and change the trajectory, I'm taking steps. Some are small. Some are huge.

I have started my own business with Rodan and Fields! It's life changing skin care developed by the doctors who brought the world Proactiv acne skin care. My only set goal this year is to work this business and make it my primary income. Everyone uses something to clean their skin. I'm not into traditional salesmanship. If you're looking for a new regimen to improve your skin, then all you need to do is look at the real results people have experienced with R+F. I looked at it for nearly a year. I jumped on board because someone I have known for years was a consultant. I trusted her. I knew the photos she presented weren't doctored. This is the real deal.

My first goal is to get 6 preferred customers

*Preferred Customer pricing offers up to, and in some cases more than, a 10% discount off retail price.

And, have 2 people join me in being consultants by January 31. I want to build a team. I want to grow myself professionally and personally. I want to be in charge of my time and spend more of it with my son.

Image result for rodan AND FIELDS

If you are looking to improve your skin, your life, or both, please join me!  

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