Friday, August 5, 2011


I may not be the Original Prankster.  I think Dexter Holland thinks he was.  Sometimes, I sneak a few good ones in.  How the prankstee perceives them is another story.  It's been my experience that being straight up about a situation can be hurtful.  Being delicate by dropping hints can be useless because they don't pick up on them.  So, you go the joke route and bam!  The double take catches somebody so off guard they need a neck brace for 6 weeks.

I'm running away for the day.  Shhhh!  Don't tell anybody.  It's just a day trip.  If I were going alone, I might take a couple of unsuspecting bodies along who were breathing on the front end and come back alone.  Alas, I'm going with a good friend, so I'll make it a crime-free trip.  I have high expectations of peace and relaxation. 

Maybe I'll figure out different ways to get through to those I love the most.  Maybe they'll figure out ways to get through or accept me.  Maybe those are way too lofty expectations for 12 hours.  Maybe I'll come across multiple metal chickens for entertainment.  Here's one I found last night!


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