Monday, February 13, 2012

Heart Day

I almost went out with a man who called Valentine's Day "steak and BJ" day once.  We were set to go out the week before.  The night he told me that was the last night I ever spoke to him.  The only thing good to come out of the acquaintance was my learning about high thread count sheets.  (That was from discussion, NOT sleeping on them.)

I am not a woman who thinks the Holy Day of Cupid is about spending a $100 on roses and another $100 on high dollar chocolate.  Although, I would never, ever turn down even a single Godiva truffle.  I think it is about honoring the love we share with another.  Or, if we are seeking to win another's heart, it's the day to stalk them more heavily.

I'm going on the traditional premise of man seeking woman/husband and wife.  I think you can insert your gender of choice and it will apply closely.  I think most men go wrong with the assumption that they have to spend a lot of money or show up with the corny heart shaped box of chocolates.  I think, too, women believe we need to be wearing a lace teddy with stiletto heels or we won't impress our man.

If those things are all it takes to impress your heart's desire, then it isn't your heart they desire.  Sex and lust are good.  Valentine's Day is about that, too.  I think if you look at that chubby little naked boy and all of the hoopla, then it goes back to LOVE.  If my husband wants me in stilettos, then he'll have to immediately take me to the ER.  I'll fall down and break at least 6 bones.

Feeling like I'm seen as the most beautiful, desirable woman on earth makes the ultimate Valentine's Day for me.  I hope you get whatever makes yours.

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  1. Well said. Being loved and appreciated can mean the world for your S.O. whether they are male or female.

    I show my GF love and affection every day. V Day is just a nice occasion to go get dinner as well and give each other thoughtful gifts. The focus isn't on how much money was spent but how much time was spent on making the gift and how original/thoughtful it is.


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