Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Reason Is...

There is a reason for everything.  Right?  Yeah, maybe.  There is even a reason someone came up with WTF.  I use it regularly because sometimes, asking "what?" is just not strong enough.  Thanks to my very good friend Stephanie, I can now ask "WTMFS?" for even more depraved instances.  Take last night for example.  I was put in an uncomfortable position.  Had it not been at work, I'd probably have used all the words in an ugly tone with my head all wobbly.  Luckily, I've been practicing using the little bit of self-control I have and marshaling it for professional purposes.  I also take my old Barbies out and role play with them.  Barbie gets tired of being pushed around by Ken, so she tries to use big girl words and not rely on her sex goddessness to get her way with him.  Skipper is tired of both of them and their drama, so she just busts on up in there and threatens to pop a cap in somebody if they don't shut it....I didn't say I've completely succeeded yet.

Anyway, I wonder why people think they are above doing something simple that takes a second to complete?  Why does someone think they are so superior that they can't take an extra moment for someone on a lower rung of the social totem pole?  Why do people assume they are on the top of that pole?  Who assigned the rungs on the mythical, invisible pole?  Questions I'll never have an answer or a reason for, surely, if sociologists and anthropologists haven't figured it out yet.

Carry on, Skipper.

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