Monday, August 1, 2011

Cursing on Sacred Ground

Today I took Olivia's new flowers to her grave.  I know I said I like thunderstorms and all, but I was not trying to tempt Mother Nature.  O is buried next to a flag pole.  The sky was opening up and normally I would wait it out, but when I saw the state of HER sacred ground, the electricity coming from my head and out my ears won the toss up.

I have been...unhappy...shall we say, about the state of Olivia's grave for a good portion of the three and a half years she's been buried there.  Things have been stolen from her more than once.  The upkeep is sub par.  Keep in mind, this is not a city cemetery.  This is a church cemetery.  This is the church where I was raised.  My mother was a member there for over 50 years until the day she died.

Other graves in the cemetery are not this way.  I know because I walk around and check.  Even the ones directly beside her and my mother are not disregarded the same.  This is what infuriates me.  For the third time this summer, I used kitchen shears to cut grass so the foot stones were visible.  When Kelly and I arrived, it was like a field.  Yet, the pre-need stones to the right are nice and trimmed (these people are still alive).  The stones below and to the left are nicely trimmed.  What does the lawn guy or church have against the Hawks family???

Don't suggest I go ask.  I have, starting when the problems started.  I talked to him and the pastor.  I have left messages.  I am purely pissed off now.  I crouched and cut in rain and lightning next to a flag pole to make sure my mother's and daughter's graves looked decent.  Well, let's be honest, there's only so decent you can get with kitchen scissors.

after my hack job
is there granite under there?
yeah, kitchen scissors

So, if any of you that live close by and have a weed eater wouldn't mind, please drop by in a couple of weeks and do a sweep for me.  I don't own a weed eater or I would do it myself.

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  1. girl if you would have called me i would have come to help. now it makes me wonder what my grandpa's grave looks like. i will have to go check that out tomorrow.
    I can't believe that the church would let a grave look like that... who do i need to call?? i would be all over it for you. i am just pissed off that they let hers and your mom's grave get like that....


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