Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jerry or The Coyote?

Were you a WB or H-B Cartoon junkie as a kid?  This is for those of us who grew up on actual cartoons.  I could go either way, but I was more of a Tom and Jerry   groupie until high school.  I'm not sure why, but around that time, I fell in love with Wile E. Coyote.  I think it was my friend Mikki's dog, when I ponder a bit.  He had a Wile E. that was his baby.... carrying on...I used to sit in my living room on Saturday mornings and do the dreaded Mrs. Brown's Notebook while watching Looney Toons. 

I've always been a cheerleader for the underdog.  That's a whole different cartoon if you look closely enough. I digress....

Who among us didn't want Jerry or Wile E. to win just once??? I know that could have potentially  meant the ends of some of the most lucrative entertainment of its time.  Sometimes, I feel like an underdog in life.  On one of my more pity party days, I feel like I have an invisible "kick me" sticker on my back that only Life can see.  I wanted to see Wile E. win regularly.  At that point in life, I only worried that the patients in a hospital (I was a bona fide candystriper) might smell a hint of my perfume.  Now, I want to see every single ACME product crush that annoying Roadrunner in the time it takes his dust cloud to puff.  I want Jerry to stick his chest out only once more before Tom catches him and stomps him with a massive paw just before the WB logo and Porky Pig tell us ba- dib- a- dib- a- dib- a- dib That's All Folks!  I want the skies to part and the sun to shine down on me infinitely or at least for a month or so.  I want all the people I love to get their worries under control.  I want to build the family I desperately want without anymore drama.  I want whatever it takes to bring smiles to my face and the faces of those I love.  I want to win over the Roadrunners and Jerries in my life.  Is that too much to ask?

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  1. It is mostly defiantly, without a doubt, NOT too much to ask.


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