Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Supremely Unchaste Badass

I'm intrigued endlessly by the Badass of the Week, written by Ben Thompson.  The BoW for the week of my birthday was a wickedly awesome woman!  Now, I have no desire to bang a nun, but otherwise, she could so be my next heroine.  Neither have I killed people, at least outside of my head, but I am of French descent.   Surely we could be of some similar lineage???
I need to be a badass.  I possess badassness.  It's hiding right now.  Therefore, I'm re-watching Randall narrate about the Honey Badger.  I can quote about the Honey Badger.  I will not munch on rats or cobras, but I have enough inner angst and bitchiness to chase one of those bad boys down.
The problem comes when my crazy hormones kick in along with my walks down memory lane.  I start crying like a high school girl when her crush cancels the day before prom.  I am looking for someone to be available at the drop of a hat during those moments.   I need support and comfort.  I need someone to hold me, maybe stroke my hair, or maybe only listen to my emotional soliloquy.  I need a badass of my own right now.


  1. I believe with all my heart if you look around, there are at least 50 badasses who want to drop their hats to be your rock. It sucks major donkey balls when your inner badass is hiding, but she'll show up again, just give her time! And btw, I *heart* the honey badger!

  2. I know there are badasses around me. I was sooo not one last night as I started writing. Angie, knowing our mutual friend, how could you NOT *heart* the honey badger???

  3. you're a badass, but even badasses have rough times... don't beat yourself over that, just keep in mind that every time you're having a rough time even in the blogosphere you have people who'll be there for you!


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