Saturday, January 14, 2012

4 Lies a Day

I just read that the average person tells four lies a day.  Are those bullshit-hurtful-intentional lies or are they I-feel-fine-when-I-don't lies?
I bet the biggest lie of all is "I feel fine".  I almost never feel just fine.  I feel tired, well, rested (as if), sad, angry...lots of things but rarely fine.  I bet the next is "That's delicious!" when it's actually something as appetizing as a Honey Badger. That  little freak is my new obsession.  
I hope somebody just feels like shit or that my food tastes like it instead of 1461 lies this leap year from any given person in my life.
**reminder** vote every day through the 23rd!  That's my husband you're hearing on percussion!
A Band of Ghosts SXSW

UPDATE....Got the right link up....I hate trying to do that from the mobile version.  Now, GO VOTE!'s their first official video!

  Thanks for supporting new artists!

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  1. Ohmygosh isn't the nasty little honey badger great?!?!


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