Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top Ten Best and Worst Moments of 2011, KHS style

As Dave Letterman is one of my all-time fave humans and I especially love his Top Tens, I give you my 2011 Top Ten Worst/Best.  If only I had Snoop Dogg to read mine...

10.  Wearing a pH probe in my nose to work.  Bad idea.
9.     Renewing a lost relationship with my nephew because of a devastating injury
8.     Going to a small town in SC that I now believe is the gateway to Hell
7.     Loss of a long time, very close friendship
6.     Realizing my body is a black hole of misery
5.     37-day long migraine
4.     LP (spinal tap) gone wrong
3.     Seeing my aunt lose herself to the beast that is Alzheimer's
2.     Two miscarriages
1.     The realization that mothering Olivia may have been my only chance

10.  Finding a great pulmonologist who knows her shit and has kept me out of the ED for 5 months
9.    Wearing my Birthday Bitch hat once more

8.    Cinnamon whiskey....DELISH
7.    My bachelorette party, complete with penis shaped cupcakes
6.    Starting to blog again
5.    The Bloggess giving me online kinship and a big metal chicken obsession
4.    Forging new friendships from the most unlikely of circumstances
3.    Pulling off the planning of a beautiful wedding in 4 weeks from an ICU room
2.   Being asked to present at an international conference next June (YES!!!!)
1.   Marrying this amazingly talented, loving man

Bring on 2012....I don't want more than 5 on your Worst list....My Yang sooo better outweigh your Yin!

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