Monday, December 19, 2011

Like Madonna Only Better

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Let's play "What's in Karen's Bra?"
I'm not sure it's a good thing to be known for the storage content potential of your lingerie.  Nevertheless, I am.  I was busted (no pun intended) in a meeting once when trying to discretely claim my Blistex after lunch.  Ever since then, it's even been known to be called 'pulling a Karen'. 
I only use the Victoria's Secret to keep my secrets when I don't have pockets.  Typically, it's really only my phone.  Today, I'm double barreled.  If I was pointy and sparkly, you could call me Madonna or a Fembot.
I would like to wear dresses and skirts to work more often, but it's  hard to shove a pager, phone, pen, Blistex, money/card, and business cards in one non-Parton bra.  Besides, who wants a business card from in there?
Luckily, I am now in possession of a QoFE card holder.  Skirt life just got a little easier.

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