Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Old 45

Do you ever feel like an old 45 on a turntable?  Women, I am almost certain your male partners have told you that you sound like one.  What I learned in college in my psych and sociology classes is that we repeat ourselves because we don't feel like we've been heard.  Someone may be able to verbally vomit every single word we said, but that doesn't mean they heard our meaning or that it mattered to them.  I know I was in college back in the stone age, but that seems like a legitimate theory.

I see it in the hospital with my families as well.  I can say that I lived that with Olivia, too.   In times like these, it can be life or death situations.  For the rest of real life, it can just be hair-pulling frustration, damaged relationships, diarrhea or hives.  Stress rears its ugly head in many physical forms ya know.

Maybe I should become a mime.  Then, I could act out my thoughts and never get in trouble when my filter doesn't work.  It could pose a problem if I get arthritic or break a bone.  I have really sensitive skin, too.  All that make-up might not be good for my face.  I might have to re-evaluate this plan.


  1. I sometimes feel like an old .45cal. Colt revolver ....not sure why?

  2. I actually kind of look like an old 45...

  3. Revolver or woman, MAF? Nelson, I bet it's your inner anger...suppressed.


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