Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Distractions in My Head Are Mine, All MINE

Mr. Officer,
I understand you think it's unsafe for me to be driving with a cellphone in my hand ... or on bluetooth ... or texting.   I read today you now think I am not capable of eating french fries or applying lip gloss while steering an automobile that claims it can park itself. 

Mr. Officer,
What makes you think any of these are any more distracting than the argument with my sister or discussion about infertility with my husband that could be happening in said car?  Even more distracting are the thoughts in my head about the argument that's probably brewing with my sister and especially the stressful, heartbreaking conversation my husband and I had last night regarding our future as parents.

Tell me, Ponch, are you going to try to fine me for being distracted by my own thoughts?  They are a hell of a lot more distracting to me than a damn hotdog or some moisturizing color for these luscious lips.


Karen H. Sanders

I am now appalled at the state of this Union.  We are broke and unemployed.  We are increasingly uncultured thanks to cuts in arts and music education.  Our citizens who need the most get the least thanks to the cuts in mental health services.  Yet, there are officials who think it necessary to keep tabs on me in my car.  I wish they'd ask instead how I've managed to drive for nearly 18 years without a ticket or at-fault accident.

I suppose I should just be glad I won't be driving in California this weekend.

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  1. OMG! I am so with you on this!! I'm in MN and it's illegal to do anything on your phone that requires a data plan...emails, texts, etc. You can't even use the speak option to send a text that way. BUT you can have a full on phone conversation and drive like you're drunk down the middle of the road, holding up traffic and instilling fear in everyone behind you as they wonder how many drinks you've had and worry that you're going to kill someone until they get the courage to pass you up and realize its the phone, not booze, that's causing you to not give a shit about anyone else on the road and then they just hate your guts.

    Like you mentioned, there are so many things that can cause a distraction...its comical in a way what is allowed and what isn't. Thanks for the post. Looking forward to reading more.


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