Monday, April 30, 2012

A short Very Wise post

As April winds down, I am thrilled from a blogger's perspective.  I am ready to go back to writing when the notion strikes me and not on a schedule.  I think it's more the designated directions of the A-Z challenge than the timing.  I write every day in general.

I'm sitting in bed with my laptop as I am every Sunday night doing paperwork that is the bane of my existence.  I have this paperwork deadline of 10am every Monday morning.  When do I finish the paperwork?  Late Sunday or early, early Monday.  It is very draining and I don't get clock time to do it. 

A Very Wise person would complete it at the end of the last 'shift' with their client.  I hate it so much that I procrastinate in the worst possible way.  See?  Right this very minute I'm writing something else other than the notes.

I am not a Very Wise person.  I make horrible choices and mistakes and some of them aren't solo acts.  Another person whose choices weren't Very Wise...Amy Winehouse.  She should have gone to rehab for sure.

So, screw this fake post.  I'll leave you with Amy.  I'm back to the dastardly paperwork.

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