Monday, April 16, 2012

Jumping (My J installment)

I am almost wholeheartedly opposed to exercise.  I used to work out religiously.  When I got pregnant with Olivia, I was doing a class three times a week and strength training.  That was 13 years ago, pre-asthma.  I'm older and my lungs suck.

I jump up and down occasionally.  Back in the early days of Kelly showing up at the house, I'd jump up on him in a whole body hug.  When we decided to get married, I kind of jumped around and did a happy dance.  There's a really tall dad that I met at the hospital.  He's 6'11''.  I do running jumps to try to high five him.  That's about the extent of it.

My husband likes to say I jump to conclusions a lot.  I will acquiesce to that.  However, that does not imply that they are wrong conclusions predominantly. 

I find frequently that people assume a lot in general.  We are not a generation of fact finders.  In the age of social media, we rely on Facebook or Twitter to find out important information about people or things that are important to us.  I share a lot, but you're not going to find out my most intimate details on those sites.  If you do, then it's because we weren't close enough for you to find out first hand.

I wish people would do more direct contact.   It could be a text or email if talking to someone actually makes you want to hurl.  I  highly recommend it before Jumping to conclusions that may hurt or interfere with your relationships beyond repair. 

As seen on is the superhero I try NOT to be:


  1. Oh my gosh!! That is true. Anxiety girl!! Could be me on many occasions!

    1. I think Anxiety Man exists, too. He's just more ninja-like. Thanks for stopping by!


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