Wednesday, April 18, 2012

K Is for Karen and Keeping It Real

I'm slow going on the A-Z thing.  K is a toughie, too.  I have no desire to write about kangaroos or koalas.  So, you get a small bio on who you're reading. 

Name: Karen L.H. Sanders
DoB: 1-26
You don't get a year.  Hell, I'm 38.  I don't care who knows that.  

I haven't been the quiet type in about 30 years.  I once had a cousin call me the Queen of Confrontation.  That was before my illusions of happily-ever-after became delusions.   I try to be discrete when necessary.  Sometimes, it's neither necessary nor desired. 

I'm married, not for the first time.  First time was pretty normal.  Met, dated, lived together, married...had my daughter three years into that.  Her name was Olivia.  She died when she was 8.  She was the most beautiful, wonderful, amazing girl in the world.  You can read more about her here.  Her dad and I split up when she was 3.  He felt his life needed more than caring for a child with special needs.  That made me feel like my life was perfect with only her.  He's a much better ex-husband.

My hubby is Kelly.  We met when he was 12 and I was 15.   You can read more about our wedding and happiness here.  We are oil and water some days and oxygen to flame others.  We are far from perfect, but I think we are perfect for each other.  We face our own struggles daily.  We're growing by leaps and bounds as a couple and individuals.  Sometimes, I wish the universe wouldn't give me anymore challenges to grow.  I'd be happy to be stunted.

I work three jobs.  I work my prime at a Children's Hospital with parents who have critically ill children.  Second, I work one-on-one with a girl who has Autism two afternoons a week.  Then, I pull a couple of shifts at J.Jill in the mall.  It pays shit, but no one dies there.

My dream is to be a published writer.  I'd be happy to be an editor, too.  It's a pipe dream, but I'll continue to dream it.

My blog is a stream of consciousness from my thoughts.  I know I'm random sometimes.  I know I'm highly opinionated.  I know I swear a lot.  If you don't like it, don't read it.  Don't judge.  Walk my walk a day or a week, and then go back to your life.  See if you picture me the same.  

The faces of Karen...

This was a random shot on our wedding day.  Pretty accurate portrayal of daily life :-)

I laugh a lot.

Eric or Bill?  I'd take both.

The real face of me, happy


  1. Karen,
    Love to you. I think your K is perfect!

    1. Much love to you! We need a play date!

  2. I wish I could see your face more often!!

    1. Meet me halfway! I'll be in D.C. June 3-6 :-) I'd love to see yours, too!

    2. Ok, it's not halfway. It's a lot further, but that's what I have planned right now LOL. Miss you!

  3. hahahaha..yeah D.C is a bit far for me. I am still up for that meet at myrtle anytime!!! for that matter, I'd meet you anywhere! All i need is 2 weeks planning time :-D


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