Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A-Z Challenge... late

I've been working so many hours the past few days, I'm late on this one.

Several bloggers are doing the A-Z challenge.  I learned about it through Good Youngman Brown.  We are writing 26 blogs in April, you guessed it, titled by letters of the alphabet.  It was technically only a day late when I started, but it's now past midnight, so I'm onto C.  I'm going to fast forward to C, that is.  I feel a little like a poor excuse for Sue Grafton.

A is for apathy.  

Too many people have it.

B is for biscuits. 

I make really good ones.  I made smack yo' mama good ones tonight.

C is for coffee. 

I love coffee.  I love coffee every day, all year long.  100 degrees outside?  No worries for me.  I'll still take a steamy cup first thing.  Now, if I 'm sitting out in that sauna, I'll take a frozen cafe, Juan.

  I'm pretty sure he's older than this now.  He was picking those Columbian beans when I was a kid.

I never had fancy coffee until I went to Furman.  I remember having some kind of raspberry coffee from a specialty store.  I hate raspberry!  I'm not even sure why I bought it except that it was new and exciting.  The best coffee I have ever tasted is Kona coffee fresh in Hawaii.  That volcanic soil does something to those beans to make the richest, most deliciously aromatic liquid cocaine on the planet.  It should be for around $50/lb. 

A year ago for Christmas, I received the Cadillac of all  coffee makers.  Well, it's the middle child of its family, but it makes my days so much more streamlined.

                                              Ah, there's my baby.  The Keurig Elite....

Oh, my.  It makes coffee so wonderful.  I get excited when I wake up at 4am instead of 8 for my 12 hour day.  With Keurig, I feel like I am at Starbucks every day.  I get whatever I want and in lightning quick speed.  I even keep a plastic container at my desk.  I have 5 or 6 varieties of K-Cups and not all are coffee.  The thing that makes this fancy dude so awesome is the speed and ease with which my favorite beverage appears.

So there you have it.  Big C, little c....all Cs are good for these hands to hold in a steamy mug.

Keep Calm
Get a Keurig.


  1. I'm jealous, I really want a Keurig Elite. O, and I'm drinking some coffee as I type this!

    1. If I could handle the caffeine, I'd drink coffee all day, every day.


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