Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hello, I Love You

Another chapter in the A-Z blogging challenge...

I bet if you ask the person standing next to you in the elevator or on the sidewalk if they love someone, the answer will be a resounding 'YES'.  It may not be romantic love.  It may not be reciprocated love.  It may not be healthy love, but there will be love.  Isn't that a Maroon 5 song?  It's not my favorite, but on all that is holy, I declare that there is something special and unique about Adam Levine.  

He is a beautiful specimen and his voice is raw sexuality blended with an angelic quality. Ahem, sidetracked by my form of love for him.  It's just the insomnia, Kelly.

I think there are loves we see and question.   Why do we do that?  What business is it of ours if people love one another?  That part isn't.  What if there's an element of someone's advantage being taken?  Is that subjective?  What about the Hugh Hefners and his 20-year-olds?  What about the Anna Nicoles (God rest her soul) and her near centurion?  
Mary Kay Letourneau and her underage student boyfriend?  I was always with older men until my current husband.  He's nearly four years younger and I was actually called a cougar last week.  Really?  REALLY??  I can show you a cougar, little boy.  Sorry, that just pissed me off.  

What about love at first sight or first interaction?  I think first sight is more about lust and attraction.  Those things exist as surely as our hormones do and our human race exists in part due to them, I imagine.  I think the love at first interaction is a little different.  I think it's about personalities and souls.  I think those initial connections let us know if there is potential for long-term connection or not.  

What is really not fantastic  is when you feel something and you're pretty sure it's reciprocated.  Then, the other person pulls away.  "Hello, I love you!"  Maybe it's the age thing.  Maybe it's a socioeconomic thing.  Maybe it's location.  Maybe it's body size.  All of those things are shitty reasons to back away.  I've heard them all between myself and my friends.  They are all bullshit.  

Friends love each other unconditionally.  Real, forever friends do.  They weather storms of epic proportions.  They don't care about trivial drama.  They don't care about the bad days or awkward situations.  They love you and stick by you.  A partner does the same.  A forever one does.  They don't get to waltz in and out of your life like the tides of the oceans.  It is like the water taking your breath and pulling you under.  You swim against with all you have, but your instinct tells you to swim toward your home, not parallel just to get out of the tide.  Sometimes, you're sucked in and hurt.

If the word love is scary, think of another, but don't not tell the people you love that you do.  Life is short.  Really bad shit happens.  So, my people, if you don't know it, I cheese sandwich you.  

In honor of spreading the love, here is my celebrity crush, singing  his heart out, I'd like to think to me:

 Maroon 5 (That's Adam Levine pretending he's holding me) singing Misery

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