Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Birthday Bitch Hat

I always get funny looks when I talk about my Birthday Bitch hat.  First of all, it says "Birthday Bitch".  Most people don't get why I look forward to wearing it every year.  Let me tell you...


That's my friend Carol beside me.  I'm really not sure whose left butt cheek that is.

First, I hate the multiple chins from the strap; second...look at my face...I'd been doing the ugly cry.
My first year wearing The Hat was January 26, 2008.  I didn't leave the house.  I sat on my sofa all day, basically.  It was the one thing I did to scream at the universe for having a birthday while holding Olivia in her final days.  She liked it because it was pink.  I know it may seem weird, but this crazy hat makes me feel a connection to her.

I've worn it every birthday since.  The next year was still at home, but I was a lunatic.  All the firsts after someone you love dies are horrendous.  I had some friends over and we were totally goofy.  This is still one of my faves of Brandy and me...
Last year, I was going through a miscarriage.  I was on bed rest.  I still pulled that sucker out (the hat!), but there are no pics. 
I don't know how long I'll carry on the tradition.  I mean, really, how many 50-yr-old women can you see wearing this and looking sophisticated? However, my friend Laura was such a good sport and wore a hat, too, yesterday when we went out to lunch.  Her's was customized...
It's HER birthday, bitch!

There is some video somewhere from yesterday...We had a great time at Buffalo Wild Wings.  A random table instigated "happy birthday".  A manager from a local tax office seemed to like it, too.  He gave me his business card, dated it, wrote Happy Birthday and told me I can get my taxes done for free.  Saaweet!!

It's goofy.  It's outrageous to some.  It's perfectly me.


  1. beautiful hat! It doesn't matter how old you are, the hat is a nice tradition to carry on and also it's special, as you and your beautiful girl.

    great blog!


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