Wednesday, April 25, 2012

P, Q, R, S - People Quickly Respond with Shit

I'm sucking at daily blogging, but for this blasted A-Z Challenge, I am damn sure going to hit all the letters.

I do not see good in all people.  I think we are all born good, but some people lose that along the way.  I'm pretty strong in my opinions about Nature vs.  Nurture.  I think biology is strong, but the right (or wrong) environment can change a person forever.

There's a quote by Dennis Leary about people not being born racists.  I think that's true about hate and intolerance in general.  I am being very vocal and visible in my campaign to get people to understand the gristle in Amendment One.  The religious right in NC is so afraid of people loving each other that they are willing to punish millions of families just to add another legal halt to same sex marriages.  I'm not pontificating about this again.  I am going to say that if you haven't already, click on the link to really read the facts.

What I am learning is that I know a lot of people who care more about what looks good or seems popular than what is right.  One example is happening because I am so vocal about my beliefs against this Amendment.  I am seeing my 'friends' numbers drop, literally, for example on Facebook.  Usually prior to their exit, they respond to one of my posts or by text, email or call with their poorly backed claims and insults.

If you have cause and time for legitimate debate, let's go!  If you're just looking to trade out for a newer, more conforming friend, you've definitely come to the wrong place.  As my work pal, Randy, said recently...I don't agree with most of what you say, but we still talk.  It's how real adults handle conflict.  We come to the table and exchange thoughts, feelings, insight.  If my opinion is different from yours, so be it.  At least hear me out if I'm supposed to hear you out instead of sneaking away and hiding like a coward.

So, I'm going to keep on keeping it real.  I'm not going to pretend for anyone about anything.  If you want to jump at me and throw shit like a monkey, do it.  Just expect to have some slung back your way.

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