Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I did!

Whew!  Talk about a wild ride.  The whirlwind planning and last minute dash panned out and pulled together a beautiful, perfect wedding.  I know it was mine, but I heard that from several people.  The torrential, frigid rain of the day before cleared out to show off the magnificent view just hours before we began.

I am overcome at the thoughts of the special faces I saw in the small crowd.  People who struggled to make it there, but did.  People who took time away from critically ill family members, but did.  People who drove miles and miles, a couple or 6 hours, but they did.

It was exceptional.  For the first time in my life, I felt truly beautiful.  The people I love most in the world were there.  The ring I wear was given as a total surprise the night before and is more precious than one can imagine.  

There were also funny moments.  What else would someone expect from me??  Our fab minister quoted the "great theologian Steven Tyler"...complete awesomeness.  The wind was too brisk for the unity candle to light, so I just announced it was a symbolic unity candle.  There's a random guy scratching his ass in one of the snapshots.

We could not have asked for anything more perfect.  It's not the size of the wedding that matters.  It's the love and people who are in it.
And we WILL live happily ever after....even if there are ups, downs, and sad spots!

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