Monday, November 14, 2011

'Sup Foo?

I am giddy.  It's been 16 days since the wedding and I am still on cloud nine.  I still become engrossed in pictures daily.  I still talk about it as often as my friends will let me.  Don't get me wrong, Kelly and I aren't perfect.  It's not all aprons, Betty Crocker, and fireworks every day.  After all, we came back from the honeymoon and into reality, which sucks.  BUT, I love him more than ever.  He called me at work Saturday night and I nearly popped a blood vessel smiling when my manager said "it's your husband".  THIS is how it's supposed to feel. 

There are always other mini crises in my life, sometimes growing into full-blown crises at the drop of a hat.  There are a couple of long-term problems we have nipping at our heels (and hearts).  There are some acute crises, i.e. the heat going out when we had a cold snap for three days; my back going out last night and I don't mean on a date.  Indeed, I am sitting here with an ice pack on it, loaded on some pain meds typing.  Seemingly, I am much more functional this way than on muscle relaxers as my texts last night are laughable.  EX:  I forgot.  I'm medixatedp...I took 100 onstead pf 50 mg...I dudn't finish my papetwork...I am hungry but Kelly woyld haveto bring me somethong and it.s bsd enougj he had to help me pee...I am hettimg rice krispies ams matsjmallowd...

I think the muscle relaxers will come on  board prior to entering the car.  They will take effect shortly after entering the house and I can collapse appropriately.

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  1. I <3 you. Life is so true and funny when you get reminded that your crazy life is just like someone else's. Thanks for the reminder! Miss you and love you. See you soon


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