Friday, November 25, 2011

I Only Need One Deadly Sin

Freely admitted glutton here.  Thanksgiving didn't go exactly according to plan, but I should have expected that, since none of my plans ever go as planned.  I didn't get to sleep in (shocker).  I was able to go visit Olivia's grave and get her mini Christmas tree in place.  If her stuff is done, it really doesn't matter if I ever get mine finished.

Although, I really want to decorate a tree.  For most of my adult life, I put up my Christmas tree Thanksgiving night or the day after.  Things were a little schedule-challenged the past few years.  I work at the hospital this weekend, so even that is totally out of the picture.   I am not lazy!  I went and dug through the storage building this morning.  I found two boxes of the decorations.  Alas, I worked at the mall on this dreaded black Friday, so I'm stuck for now.

As for the food, it was delish.  I went crazy over the yeast rolls.  I could have eaten a whole pan.  There was a super yummy chocolate pie and fab pumpkin pie, too.  I've never been the Thanksgiving nap person.  But, yesterday, I crawled up on my Mother-in-law's bed wrapped in a blankie and sacked out!  I didn't even watch football!

My resolve had been to enjoy the day and not focus on the hurt.  The hurt is always there.  I wish people got that, REALLY got that.  I cried a lot yesterday.  I cried a lot last night.  I've cried a lot today.  Sometimes, the old wounds weep, regardless of our resolve to keep them shut.  At best, those around us have emotional salve and bandages ready.  At worst, they say they weren't a part of that time or something insensitive like that (come on Joanie, Joey, know what I mean) and expect you to 'get over it'.

I think this is why gluttony would be the 1 of the 7 deadly sins I associate myself with.  I gravitate toward it easily.  Food can't hurt me.  Food can't talk back.  Yay pie!

p.s.  Let's  not forget the best ending of this afternoon....M to tha D-E-A.  Halllelueria!


  1. Hi. Found you at the Bloggess so I decided to come visit and looked at your about me. HA! Turns out I'm from Wilmington, NC. Hello! Though, I'm actually in Thailand right now.
    Small world, though.
    I've got some reading to do...

  2. Hi and Welcome! Saying "It's a small world" takes on a whole new meaning here LOL. What took you to the Orient? I spew in random patterns on random topics. I hope you're at least entertained or your brain is engaged, like an ink blot to an Alzheimer's patient.

  3. Hi, I live in Wallburg, NC. It has been 20 years since my baby, Amanda, went to be with the Lord. I think about her often and wonder what kind of young woman she would be. I have a former student whose baby just died. It was 2 days after the anniversary of Amanda's death. I remembered every single moment of that day and days after. The memories do not go away, they may not crop up as often, but they are permanently embedded. I think it is important, to us at least, it makes our loved one a person who deserves notice. I wish so badly I could take the hurt away from those experiencing it. It is such a lonely place.

    1. Hi, Patti. Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm in W-S. I've talked to a recently bereaved mom this week as well. It's good to let them know there are those of us who've walked that road before. I just wish none of us knew that pain.


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