Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cover Ups

You know how you can fight with your best friend or your sibling or even your significant other over the tiniest of things?  It could be a snide remark or WWIII and it all stems from a much deeper, bigger issue that no one will actually talk about. 

How do you get to that issue and have an open, meaningful conversation that actually ends with resolution of some sort?  I'm seeing this all around me lately.  I seem to handle situations like this differently depending on who the person is.  

I am a tad stubborn.  Without even realizing it, I want to stand my ground and dig my heels in.  I think all of us have that instinct.  We don't want to feel like a doormat to be walked on.  Our issues, the big ones or the small ones, are important to us.  I've heard for years "pick your battles".  That's easier applied to your toddler, I think, than your best friend who was 30 minutes late for girls' night, but you're actually ticked off about something that happened weeks ago.  You can all get ticked off at me for that incredibly long run-on sentence.

I'm learning a lot from a newer, incredibly close friend.  Jill is teaching me a lot about patience and loving someone through the hard times.  She's doing a great job loving me through some roughness.  I'm facing a harsh, personal reality that I can't escape in any part of my life or mind.  In turn, I'm harsh with everyone I love without even realizing it sometimes or, I just withdraw.  I am thankful for Jill who is pushing her way through.  I think I'd be surviving on Xanax alone without the Jagger moves.

p.s.  make no assumptions

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  1. When you speak from your heart, and not from your head, others will hear the truth in it.


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