Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hello? Is Anyone Out There?

Geez, Louise (and everyone else not named Louise who is reading)....I used to write every day.  Now, the most I write is a text message or 12.  I'm either at work or with my sweet Emory.  Typing is not possible with him.  He loves the computer and tries very hard to help me.  Last night, he found apps on Windows 8 that I didn't even know existed.  Maybe if I let him help, he'll figure it out since I don't seem to be able.

Ah, my boy.  I am like an alcoholic with him.  I can never spend enough time with him.  When I wake up and see that beautiful face next to me, it's like a high.  When I'm away from him, I feel sad and incomplete and all I want is to hold him.  I'll take this addiction any day.

He's 1.  HE'S ONE!  How did that happen????  I feel like the past year has been the fastest of my life.  I am behind in almost every aspect of daily living.  My house is cluttered beyond belief.  My desk drawers are cluttered beyond belief.  I wear pony tails more often than not.  It's all ok.  It may not be for everyone, but it is for me.

Today, this happened:

Why is this a big deal?  Why does it make me giggle?  Why did I not scold him?  

Because he can do it.  He can crawl to the toilet, pull up, and toss in a toy.  I never had the chance to scold Olivia for putting things in the toilet.  I never had to pull her down off the side of a piece of furniture.  I never had to stop her from dumping out the dog's water bowl.  Emory hasn't done anything dangerous yet.  He hasn't done anything that could be a bad habit.  He's simply exploring his world.  I applaud it!  I applaud him!  
People who have never had a child with special needs do not understand this.  I get chided for not telling him "no".  I have a beautiful, healthy, curious TODDLER.  I will let him toddle and flush the toilet as many times as he likes until I can't pay the water bill.  (That happened, too, this morning).  He also rolled off the toilet paper.  Oh, well....

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of this beautiful boy.  

Could you tell him 'no'?  I thought not.  


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