Friday, August 24, 2012

A List

Since this has become a pregnancy blog of late, I decided to do something different.  It's kind of a cop out and also kind of cool.  I found it on my friend Liz's blog.  Without further delay, here are some things about me:

I Am…Pregnant.  It's all I can think about right now.  Before, I was just Olivia's mom.  Then, I became Kelly's wife.  I kind of forgot who I am as a woman. 

I Want…a family.  I want a happy, healthy family.  

I Have…a house that sucks the life out of us.  I should have sold it years ago, but memories kept me here.

I Wish…I had enough money to pay off everything I owe and make a huge donation to the children's hospital for which I work with some stipulations.

I Hate…seeing children die.

I Fear…losing another child.  And bridges and spiders.

I Hear…"Holding, Offense #66"  Bad Giant.

I Search…Google for everything.  My bff calls me Google when she needs info.  

I Wonder…what Olivia would be like if she were still alive.

I Regret…my many mistakes in relationships. 

I Love…going to the fair.  The only sad part of being pregnant in the fall is not being able to ride sketchy temporary roller coasters.  However, I will devour roasted corn and an Elephant Ear.  Thank you Roger Fleming for introducing me to those divine creations.

I Ache…in my back more often than not.  I have degenerative disc disease.  Only when I'm "stuck" in a spasm do I complain out loud.  Then, it's only because I need help standing up.

I Always…worry.  Yes, Liz, I do as well.  My mom was dying of cancer and said to me that she wasn't worried.  Her faith kept her from it.  I'm not that strong.

I Usually…play my favorite FB related games every day.

I Am Not…a strong person in many ways.  I feel weak and useless in so many situations.

I Dance…watching VH1 in the mornings.  I used to nearly every day until this evil all-day morning sickness hit.

I Sing…always.  I sing to the radio.  I sing to the song in my head.  I sing to people.  I am not fooled thinking they like it.  I just like to do it.

I Never…want to bury another child.

I Rarely…give up in a fight.  I am too stubborn for my own good.

I Cry…when I'm angry.  I have mastered keeping my emotions in check in other situations.

I Am Not Always…a team player.  If I think the team is wrong, then I don't go along.  This gets me in trouble at times.

I Lose…my temper over really stupid stuff.

I'm Confused…*This is closely plagiarized from Liz*  H
ow could anyone possibly truly believe what the Republican candidates stand for?  I'm all about agreeing to disagree for the protection of friendships, familial relationships, and even to keep relationships and conversations from going sour- It's why we still talk.

I Need…a job that has enough hours and enough pay to keep me from working one or two more.

I Should…exercise.  I know it.  I used to about 13 years ago.  Life bogged me down and I've never climbed back.

What about you?


  1. I love it!! I might have to steal it! I'm hoping you feel better soon!

  2. WOOOO! I made it on your blog! Yahooooo! You'll have to be a guest blogger on mine sometime :) LOVE YOU!


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