Thursday, August 16, 2012


No.  I'm not talking about sex games tonight.

I've had horrendous morning sickness that lasts all freaking day.  I have had the sore boobs.  I didn't think I'd been all that moody, though.

Tonight, it was such a big swing and so noticeable, I stepped away from Pinterest to write about it.

I had an ok day.  I was super nauseous, but I held it down.  I managed to drink a little and eat three bites of a blueberry muffin and a few slices of apple.  I paid a surprise visit to my dear friend, Julie.  I'm never in her area and I was, so I took advantage.

I headed off to find a milkshake and then home.  I became distracted, which happens even more often now.  I went to Target.  I had a bad wave of dinner time sickness and barely made it out.  In the check out line, I picked up a prepaid $100 gift card by accident.  If I weren't so constipated with this pregnancy, I'd have crapped my pants when I saw my total.  Luckily, I figured it out and remedied the situation.

I made it home.  I got out a delectable orange Popsicle and settled in for some preseason NFL.  Even if I don't care about either team, it's football and that makes me happy.   I'd been sitting here a few minutes when I turned around and saw something.  It was my Popsicle!  Well, it was actually orange mush by this point.  I played some of my fave games online, then I went over to Pinterest.  I don't even know what set me off.  Between the ridiculous political ads on tv and some quotes on there, I went from content to wanting to cry my eyeballs out.

I chose not to cry.  It's not going to do a thing.  So, I came here.  I hope to one day be a published author.  For now, I write because it makes me feel better.  I'm not on the verge of tears anymore.


  1. Writing helps my tears too, but lately, I've been too exhausted to even think of blogging. Do what makes you feel good. Much love!

    1. My exhaustion has eased. This all day sickness is for the birds! Take care of yourself! xoxox

  2. Writing eases my burdens too. Hope you hurry up and get over that morning sickness stuff!

    1. Today gave me a glimpse of second trimester bliss. Your writing eases my burdens as well.


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