Saturday, August 11, 2012

Surely I'm Related to Ted Turner

I'd say I need to win the lottery, but I never play, so it's kind of a futile thought.  This week has been filled with work, morning/evening/night sickness, sleep and carpet scrubbing.  I was crazy over the opening ceremony of the Olympics, but man am I sick of them.  No offense to the athletes, but if I wanted to watch this many sports, I'd have the tv on ESPN, ESPN2, SportsSouth, yada yada yada, all day every day. 

I have been viciously ill for a few days.  Today is shaping up much better having discovered that baby likes some Bojangles.  However, it's why I've had the tv on more than usual.  I'm not a tv fiend.  I love my shows: Glee, True Blood, The Mentalist and Criminal Minds.  Otherwise, unless it's Jeopardy, I don't care if it's on. 

AND, I am sick to death of the non-stop completely bs political ads from both sides.  Those ads don't sway voters.  If they do, then those voters scare me. 

I want to have a voice in what is on the tube.  What happened to days of good sitcoms, decent dramas, and news that wasn't complete sensationalism?  I sound like an old fogey, but I'm not old.  I'm sort of middle aged, but still.  There is a veritable pile of excrement that is paraded as television in the US.  Can someone trace my lineage, because this baby makes me too tired, to see if I'm in anyway connected to Ted Turner or any of those other network gurus?  I promise, MTV and VH1 would start playing videos again.



  1. I've been spending much more time reading than watching television recently. Also, a lot less time on the internet. I feel fulfilled.

    1. I want to step away from the internet. Really, I do. I'm weak and a failure.


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