Monday, May 21, 2012

Support, Not In a D-cup Way

I am struggling to do something to help others that is not in my day-to-day work.  I am a codependent to the core!  Having identified that in recent weeks, I'm breaking out of it and learning to redirect my tendencies.

Before Olivia was terminally ill, I wanted to work with a hospice organization.  I wrote my graduate school essay on it.  In my personal life and work life, I have gained a tremendous amount of intimate knowledge of the dying person and process.  I am not a licensed professional.  I am a bereaved daughter and mother and peer support person.

I am wondering about starting a peer support group for bereaved parents.  In discussion a few years ago, there was interest to have one locally.  A few of us met for coffee once.  But, the actual committee that met determined that a structured program led by a therapist was more in line.  The other moms I knew then and I disagreed.  We wanted people who had walked our walk to talk to.

I find myself doing this all the time anyway.  I am wondering if there is interest in the triad/Piedmont area* for such a thing?  If you will, let me know either publicly or privately.  I have another mom who is interested in helping get it off the ground as well.

Gifts our loved ones have given us can't be measured by the years they lived.  These gifts are measured by the love we shared with them. ~ Pat Loder

*Mt. Airy, Pilot Mountain, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, etc.


  1. Good luck Karen! I know you would be a great leader for a support group.And agreed, I've only ever found comfort in people who have walked the walk. When I did see a therapist I found myself getting angry at her advice, since she had 2 living children and had NO CLUE what I was going through. Big waste of money. TCF was free and helpful

  2. We don't have a TCF close ny. I'm hoping to bridge the gap.


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