Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Meeting of the Minds

Today, I went to an annual workshop called Because We Care.  That's a program for bereaved parents at my hospital.  I go to the workshop regularly.  I have for 5 or 6 out of the past 7.  It's usually informative in some way.  Listening to parents tell their stories is heartwarming.  The food is hit or miss.

Today, was the best one ever!  Our speaker was Kelly Swanson.  She had me at "tube sock boobs".  I am chronically sleep deprived.  I held it 'til about 3:30, then I struggled.  Normally, I'd go to the bathroom and splash water or take a nap on the toilet.  I massaged my head.  I tapped my face.  I did whatever I could to NOT miss what she was saying. 

Kelly is outrageously funny, but has wise words.  Her talk on self-care netted me a three hour nap tonight.  I am a good student. :-)

There was also this fantastic food.  Who knew hamburger steak could taste gourmet?  And, really, I am going to need a recipe for tomato pie.

It was a good day and it led to a great evening.  Rock on, Kelly.

Here's a fancy head shot.  I like to know who I'm reading about, don't you?

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