Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sookie Stackhouse and The Bloggess

"These two are in no way related" you're probably thinking.  You are wrong!  They are two characters I love.  "The Bloggess is real!" you may be screaming.  Jenny Lawson is real and quite a character.

The Sookie Stackhouse novels are written by Charlaine Harris.  Let's Pretend This Never Happened is written by Jenny Lawson.  I have read all of the Sookies, except for the newest, which I will purchase and have signed when I meet Ms. Harris tomorrow night!!!!  She's coming here to Salem College for a discussion and book signing.  My friend Christi and I bought tickets yesterday.  I took off work a month ago in preparation.  I am thinking of putting on my best Sookie look.  Should I go that way or just as my fabulous self?  I might embarrass Christi in costume.

Jenny, I am patiently waiting for you to add a nearby city to your tour.  I would dress up like Juanita or James Garfield, or Copernicus for you.  I'd bring you my own private stash of Xanax or Klonopin.  I can't take those anymore and I never throw anything away.  I am always Johnny-on-the-spot with ability to throw together fantastic nachos just for you.

So, tomorrow night I get to meet one of my favorite modern authors.  If I had a , I'd go back and badger Whitman, Hardy and Chaucer for drinks and convos. 

What should I ask Charlaine Harris?  I want to know which of the characters is her alter ego.  I want to know if there are other supes that will appear in later books.  Other thoughts?

Jenny, what will it take to garner a meeting with you?  I'm not getting my Sookie   taxidermied in custom made clothing.  

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