Sunday, May 27, 2012

Grey Skies and Giant Flesh-Eating Bugs

That is about as close to OPPOSITE of sunshine and butterflies I can think. I tried so damn hard earlier this week to be positive. I tried to be positive about even things that weren't so positive. Back when I talked about Yin and Yang last year, I was sort of being sarcastic. I do that sometimes, but my husband doesn't think it's often enough. I was really kind of serious, too.
This week has, in actuality, been a big ol' steaming pile of donkey shit. It has been very un-positive. Last Sunday, I had Kelly bring something to the mall that I'd forgot. As he left, he ran over some glass and just a half mile away goes hella flat. That was bad enough. A new pair or set of tires is not so much in the budget. Carrying on, around Wednesday, the toilet in the master bath decides to pull a Niagara Falls. I got some plumbing advice. I thrust my arm in the dark, icky back tank water. Alas, it is not to be fixed, but a part replaced. We didn't quite get to that. You see, there was an unfortunate accident in MY car on Thursday. No one was injured, Thank God. However, it isn't drivable. I have a great brand-spanking-new Camry to drive while I await the verdict on mine.
Rewind about 10 days ago to horrendous rain locally. There was flooding by the stick water on the main thoroughfare near our house. Apparently, Kelly got water in his fuel line when his car was riding the waves. It's been doing ok, but yesterday it wouldn't crank for him. Usually, he lets it sit a couple of hours and it starts right up. We had to be at dinner, so we left it sitting and then came back after. Sure enough, it cranked right up.
About 5 minutes from home, I get a call. It stopped. I make a big circle to get back and it didn't appear to have sputtered, drifting off to the side to stop, but stopped dead middle of the lane like a Tonka truck on a race track. Holy. Shit. Balls. We can't push it off to the side because there's a ditch that Kelly avoided falling into like an Olympian balance beam dismount. It was a tense situation. It's after midnight in a sketchy location. We were in a sketchy location as I had turned to avoid the stop sign where a truck threw a big assed rock up on my car last week and knocked a chunk of paint off. Luckily, a Sheriff's deputy came by. He called a city cop to come. That's some good police work there. I digress. It just so happens that I had a tow guy's card in my purse from Thursday. We wondered if he'd give us a BOGO, but no dice. He did get there in a half hour or so. We only had a few drunks shout at us and there were just a few near misses with cars trying to get around both of ours and the PoPo.
A big shout out of thanks to Travis Y. for checking on me when he saw me sitting at the Humane Society Thursday. Good people, he is. A big WTMFS to Nissan. My Altima has an invisible bullseye apparently. Kelly's isn't looking much better. Is there an Altima-hater's society out to get us?
Alas, it is Sunday night. I am going to deep breathe my way through the end of my shift. I'm going to sleep tonight. I pray in every religion and every language that this week goes more smoothly.

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