Friday, February 24, 2012

This could suck greatly!

You know all that shit earlier in the week about my vacuum? Well, it was kind of about my vacuum and kind of a metaphor. My friend Stacy is the only one who publicly acknowledged the metaphorical side, so unless you want to go there, I'm going back to the vacuum.
I have entered Kelly and myself in this Bed Bath and Beyond Contest. It's called the How We Met contest. It's on Facebook™, so you'll be clicking on the BBB Facebook™ page. Please vote for us whether you know us at all, like us, or think we're a good couple or the shittiest couple in the universe. Why, you ask? There are two answers to that. 1) Our story is pretty cool. We met at ages 12 and 15, didn't date, re-met at 32 and 35, fell in love and got married at the home where we first met 2) Because there are very cool prizes to be had. Even if we don't win the top one, the next level down includes a rockin' Dyson vacuum!
Let's be honest. Kelly and I didn't do a wedding registry. There were several people who gave us Lowe's Hardware gift cards. I am still working on Thank Yous by the way. Some of you will never get one since there weren't names attached to the gifts. However, it would be awesome to get a new Dyson or kitchen goodies or other odds and ends or a year's supply of K-Cups!!!!
So, please PLEASE click on this link once a day until the contest is over to vote for us. I'll be honest. I don't know when it ends. I'll keep harassing you until it's over. You won't forget. I promise.
Vote= Vacuum= Vote= Vacuum
Tell yo neighbors, tell yo friends…
You get the idea….

**Updated** This contest started 2/15 so we are WAY BEHIND in votes!  It ends 3-15! Click that link and pass it on!  Pretty please (batting lashes)

Love yas,

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