Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Choose wisely, or things suck, or they don't when you want them to

I picked a vacuum I liked a couple of years ago.  I have been pretty hard on it.  I thought I royally screwed it up a couple of times and considered tossing it.  Once, my friend helped me figure out how to take it apart and clean it, put it back together and start fresh.  Well, it wasn't exactly fresh because once you use something and mess it up a little, it's never fresh again.

It handles all the dirt and trash I put in its path mostly.  I have to clean out that crap often, because it builds up.  But, really, it's not all my trash.  That damn thing doesn't do its job picking up the trash in the first place.  I have to go over the same spot a dozen times!  It leaves trash and then I have to go back to do more work.  If it had just done what it was supposed to do in the beginning, I'd be a lot happier with it and I wouldn't bang its canister when I cleaned it.

I have had a few vacuums since I became an adult and started having my own home.  I thought I needed a big fancy one.  Then, I had a much cheaper model.  With this one, I thought I'd settled on a good fit for me.  It just seemed like a good balance.  Not too many attachments to deal with, but it had enough to deal with the dirt I had.  Maybe I should have read the fine print.  Maybe I should have compared more models.  I feel like I got screwed with this sucker.

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