Saturday, September 10, 2011

Me, Myself and I

I don’t get a lot of alone time.  I do in the car I suppose, but that’s not exactly the relaxation time I need.  I sort of nodded off at a stop light today and that is a bad idea.  Kelly and I have completely different schedules, but somehow, I still don’t get a lot of time at home alone.  It’s not that I need hours a week or anything, but when I get a little bit, it is such a treat.  Today, I’ve had a few hours.  My day actually started out with an upset stomach, so it’s not like I felt like doing a lot anyway.  I went to work a short while, and then was sent home because of the whole gagging in the bathroom thing.  I digress.   I’ve been home for about 4 hours solo.  Wow!  I have been on the loveseat with my pillow, blanket, phone, laptop and remotes.  I watched college football (GO HEELS!), napped, watched Friends, napped, Facebooked, finally braved food, and now I’m watching Pirates of the Caribbean.  Kelly is playing somewhere near Raleigh tonight, so it will be way late when he gets home.   Wonder how much Bravo, A&E, and TLC I can watch before he gets home???  Too bad it's not an NFL night....

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  1. Sometimes someone else reminds us we need to slow down! <3 u


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