Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Save Water, Bathe With Someone You?

Love.  My fake mother-in-law actually has this saying on her bathroom wall.  I've heard it mostly all my life.  It's pretty fun, generally speaking.  But, OMG, this weather guy in Arkansas went way overboard.  Ok, that was a bad choice of words.  Technically, it wasn't a bathtub, but it's a tub.  This is creepiest tub coupling ever.

Why have I never engaged in illegal drug parties?  First, I never had a good source or a lot of cash flow.  Second, I do not want to be either of the fools in this story!  How would you like this cutout in your mom's scrapbook??

On to things that are much more in line with my usual activities.  I willfully got up at 5:30 to put lunch in a crock pot.  It's gonna be delish.  I'm very excited to see Laura.  There will be no tub involved.

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