Monday, September 26, 2011

Lazy River Wanted

I've been all about wanting, looking for balance the past little while.  I don't think it's in my foreseeable future, at least not in the way I imagine it.  I'd really like a smooth lazy river though, instead of the white water rafting.

I had some hope of getting my nephew here at my hospital so that I can continue to spend my days off with him and he won't be alone as much with other family so close.  Also, I think we'd offer him superior treatment.  That's neither here nor there at this point.  We've received another of those calls.  You know, the kind that assures you  they know what they're talking about because they put a timeline with it.  Yes, Justin has had a major downward turn this afternoon.  I believe this one is much more significant than the others.  My prayers and wishes are that he makes it through tonight and can be transferred here to Baptist  tomorrow. 

On the other hand, I am trying to plan this wedding that's coming up in just weeks.  I asked Kelly yesterday morning if we could have an Angry Birds theme.  Alas, he denied me...even the cake.  I would have made a beautiful blue bird.  Even though a few people have expressed that we are insane for doing this so quickly, for me, it is a light at the end of a dark tunnel.  It's something really happy in a very bad time.  It's something to look forward to in a year filled with sadness. 

I am looking at invitations and possibly dresses tomorrow, depending on how Justin does.  The two intertwine somehow.  Not that this is going to be formal, but I doubt Vera Wang does a Red Bird....


  1. U could sneak a bird or 2 in the bouquet or garter....hee...heee...or someone could loan u one as something borrowed...

  2. Oh, like Carrie Bradshaw did...except mine would CLEARLY be a bird. That thing in her hair was a circus side show.


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