Friday, August 3, 2012

Shiny Objects and Squirrles

There's nothing shiny in front of me nor is there a squirrel in my bedroom.  I am having the most freakishly random thoughts and dreams of my life.  The only one comparable was when I was pregnant with Olivia.  I dreamed she was a little black boy.  Neither family was upset.  It was all curiosity as to where the hidden gene was.

Back to the here and now.  I'm going crazy in the bedroom about to OD on Facebook linked games.  My dear hubby was making himself a gourmet pizza when I came in.  No biggie, right?  My olfactory sense is in overdrive.  I rushed to the back of the house and shut the door.  I turned on the tv to catch Missy Franklin win a gold and set a new world record.  I'm playing Bejeweled Blitz with my friend Julie and Words With Friends in between turns of the others.

I totally screwed up the BB game against Christy because I was focused on Missy.  I made a second grade word because I watched diving.  Then, this lightning streak of red caught my eye.  It was the 100M prelims for women.  HSB....first, Alyson Felix is wearing a modified belly shirt and ass bearing super tight spandex bottoms.  Why not just run naked?  I mean, those airplane propeller legs caught my eye at first, then I was transfixed by the amount of butt cheek visible.  It's kind of like a boy short panty for those of you not watching.

What does any of this have in common?  Not a damn thing.  That's my initial point.  I am terribly unfocused.  Go USA.

image courtesy Teivan Pettinger

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