Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Summer Love

     Listening to Justin Timberlake's song about that elusive, sexy sounding, different kind of romance.

      Summer love never was much for me.   I never had a hot, steamy romance that was just over school or college break.  I never even had a fling as an adult that classified as summer love.

     This summer is going to be filled with strong emotions.  Some of them might be love.  Some of them might be anger, disappointment,  hurt, desperation ... you get the point.  I'm at a crossroads in my life.  Big decisions have to be made. 

     I am, in fact, angry a lot of the time.  My edge hasn't been lost.  I've just been hiding the anger as best I can.  I've never had to fake sweetness before, but it's happening a lot now.  I don't want to do irreparable damage to my relationships with those I love or my job.

     As angry as I am and as much as I love the Honey Badger,  I will not condone violence.   Maybe plucking the occasional eyebrow, but that is IT.
I will NOT meet you at the dumpster at 0330 with an empty yard size garbage bag and you bring a life-like photo... 

     Whoa...I got really sidetracked.  I need to settle down.  Back to JT...


  1. I had anger in college... As I got older it faded somehow. Now I can't even listen to that angry girl music anymore. Maybe try popping in a CD of Ms difranco?

    1. I'm going to have to check her out. You're the second person in a week to suggest...I don't really listen to angry music. I have enough of the words in my own thoughts. ;-)

  2. I love metallica when I need to get some anger out


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