Friday, July 29, 2011

The Shit Storm Already Started

I know I am pretty Internet savvy.  I have a good friend who actually calls me "google" and uses me instead of the web when she needs something.  However, it never EVER occurred to me when I set this thing up that when I was answering those silly little about me questions it could wreak havoc on my life.

My interests in life are pretty simple in some ways and in others, they are outrageous.  I am intrigued at how different bodies of water get their names.  Seriously, what makes a cove different from a bay and at what size does a pond become a lake?  I digress....I learned the hard way tonight that by throwing in that I'm fond of sex in that little section, it can apparently lead others to believe that this blog is about some porn or this blogger is looking for hook ups.  WTMFS?

More power to the people who are, but it ain't so.  Come Sunday night, I won't promise not to breathe heavy and open an online forum to discuss the werepanther or vamp pairings, but my own stuff is most likely not going to be up for discussion.  I'm definitely not on a hunt either, just to make that clear.

In other news,  Hell wants its heater back.  They're getting cold down there.  Also, I saw a sand bar (technically a dirt bar) in the Yadkin River today.  Summer is kicking central NC's ass.


  1. I did not even go to the About You and I missed the good stuffs!!!You need to be you or it will never fly. And I am so sure you can find a nice card to send out just for the occassion/that person!!!

  2. I took that sucker out....too much drama for this mama.

  3. You could also make your blog unsearchable from google.


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